Zenitco pt-1


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Texas AK Scope Mount. Zenit Handguard Rail Set . Noveske flash hider. AK MAG x5. EOT EXPS-3 Weapon Sight.

Zenitco pt-1

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Allows you to make adjustments based on individual preferences. Telescopic folding butt stock Zanitco/Zenitka PT- 1 is made of aluminum alloy D16T coated black, fits on any Kalashnikov AK type rifle that has side folding rear trunnion mechanism. Adjustable cheek rest, 1 inch adjustment with increments of 0.2 inch. Adjustable butt 4 inch with 0.2 inch increments.

ZenitCo PT-1 AK telescopic foldable buttstock · CNC machined aluminum construction · CNC machined steel lock (5.5mm RUS, 4.5mm Arsenal or AKM fixed stock 

$399.00 Add to Cart. PT-1 side folding stock by ZenitCo (5.5mm hinge) PT-1 side folding stock by Zenitco.

Description ZenitCo PT-1 AK telescopicing and folding buttstock features CNC machined aluminum construction CNC machined steel lock comes with mount for 4.5mm (can be made to work 5.5mm RUS, 4.5mm Arsenal or AKM fixed stock lock using parts not supplied)

Zenitco pt-1

EOT EXPS-3 Weapon Sight. Perst-3 weapon laser (arma láser) Tactical switch. Zenit flashlight (linterna) Zenit RK-4 grip.

Zenitco pt-1

This is for brand new ZenitCo PT-3 telescopic CNC aluminum buttstock. CNC steel made lock (5.5 mm Rus or 4.5 mm Arsenal). Will fit all Russian AKs with folding stock. PT-3 is folded to the left.

Zenitco pt-1

View Details. SVD Dragunov / Tiger / NDM-86 Authentic Russian Wood Furniture. $650.00. View Details. ∙ Zenitco RK-3 Pistol Grip ∙ Zenitco PT-1 foldable buttstock ∙ Eotech EXPS-3 ∙ Zenitco B-33 Receiver Cover ∙ Krinkov Flash Suppressor ∙ Zenitco Perst-4 Laser ∙ ZenitCo RK-0 tactical front grip • MP-443 Grach. Comments (0) This project doesn't have any comments yet. Culata tática abatible rusa modelo PT-1 fabricada por Zenitco.

These include better recoil alignment with the bore, wide adjustment range of length-of-pull, and a solid 5 position cheek riser. If you haven't placed your pre-order of the Asura Dynamics PT-1 Buttstock for AK rifles at Bunny Workshop, better do so now as there is a demand for this replica of the Zenitco PT-1.This can be made to fit any AEG or Gas Blowbwack AKs especially those from … ZenitCo PT-1. SIDE-FOLDING SHOULDER STOCK. BUY NOW. Axion Cobra. MULTI-RETICLE OPTIC.

Zenitco pt-1

AK Zenitco B30 B-30 B31 B-31 B31S B-31S PT1 PT-1 B33 B-33 Desert color www.russian-thunder.com ZenitCo PT-1 Brace Adapter. ZenitCo PT-1 Brace Adapter. $65.00) SKU: UPC: Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Description. Out of stock, Backorder OK. New batch is awaiting anodizing. Now made in Aluminum. Allows one to install a Zenit pt-1. I’m selling mine.

This stock is made out aluminum. Unlike its predecessor Gen-3 mo.. Zenitco AKS-74U Buttstock Adapter PT-1/PT-3. $100.39 $ 89.95.

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Going over differences on the zenitco stocks I have. Any questions feel free to ask.

$50.00. View Details.